Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kaitlyn & Jeremy: Smiles in the Rain

     Wow!  Colorado was hit hard by the recent rain and flooding.  We know many of the wedding venues in our area were seriously affected.  Fortunately, we were blessed to not have been seriously affected by the flooding!  The ground is was very wet, but that was the worst of it.  Tapestry House is so thankful for the wonderful couples and vendors who worked with us this weekend through the heavy rains to makes some awesome weddings happen!  One of those was Kaitlyn and Jeremy's wedding this past Sunday!
     This couple was the first to have a very autumn wedding, which worked perfectly with the weather that day!  We had an indoor ceremony and reception, which looked gorgeous.  And our clear umbrellas made for some really pretty pictures!  The rain even stopped in time for the couple to take some cute photos together outside afterward!  Check out some of their room decor for inspiration (first three photos by Tapestry House staff) and photos by Sherri Barber Photography!

Thanks to our fabulous vendors!  Photography:  Sherri Barber Photography.  Catering:  Green's Point Catering.  Cake:  Carter's Creative Catering.  Florist:  Palmer Flowers.  DJ:  All Star Music.

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